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Our Annual Halloween Ghost Hunt Friday, October 25, 2024

Limited space - call or text to register:  Rev. Kathy Carrel 317-840-9910
We welcome spiritually aware children over the age of 6 to participate.  
$20.00 per person for the evening.  We are usually ready to go home about 11PM. You are welcome to leave earlier if need be.

Join us as we meet in the Sanctuary at 7:00 PM for a short ghost hunting class, take a snack break, then begin our ghost hunt.  If we have a large group, we will use both the Sanctuary and the third floor for the hunt.  We have always had spirit manifestation in pictures in the form of orbs and have had voice phenomena during ghost hunts at the church!  Dress is casual - be appropriate and be comfortable.
In order to participate fully, it is advised that you bring one or more of the following:


  • A snack item to share during the break

  • Camera (Cell phones work very well.  So do 35mm film, a digital or disposable cameras.

  • Video camera

  • Magnetic compass (to detect magnetic fields)

  • Small tape recorder with a brand new, unopened tape or a digital recorder

  • Any other ghost hunting equipment you may have

  •  An open mind a willingness to learn and have fun


  • Do NOT wear perfume or cologne, or use strong soaps

  • NO Ouija Boards will be allowed

  • NO smoking in the building

You participate in this activity at your own risk.  The church assumes no responsibility for your participation.

The hunt will be conducted in the dark.  If you have any issues with being in the dark, or of a possible encounter with paranormal phenomena, this is NOT an activity you would enjoy.

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